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I have been having troubles finding a good end-to-end article that could help me install and teach me how to use RAPIDS on my Windows Workstation.

At the moment, RAPIDS has as prerequisite that you have to be running the Ubuntu or CentOS Operating Systems on your Workstation to be able to use it (more about prerequisites here).

This wasn’t my case. I had a Windows 10 Pro running on my computer, and I hit the wall hard when I realized there’s little to no documentation on the internet on how to properly install RAPIDS if you have Windows. …

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I wanted to do this blog post for all Data Scientists out there that love the science, but not the set-up part of it.

Indeed, many people like to do everything themselves, and this also includes setting up their Data Science Environment. They like installing each package one by one, check out new versions, look out for new improved options.

However, I am not one of these people. Are you?

If not, in this article I am going to present you with the Holy Grail of the Data Science Environment set-up. Why can I tell you about this? Because months…

Andrada Olteanu

Z by HP & NVIDIA Data Science Global Ambassador. On the highway to becoming a Data Science Master.

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