Z by HP Data Science Software Stack — the answer to your set-up hassle

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I wanted to do this blog post for all Data Scientists out there that love the science, but not the set-up part of it.

How it was

I would like to layout a bit of the context I was in. If you aren’t interested in this part, just jump to the next chapter, where I tell you how I got rid of all my problems.

  • PyCharm
  • Git
  • PyTorch (and many more other libraries that don’t come pre-installed with Anaconda)
  • XGBoost
  • R Studio
  • Nvidia CUDA

The Z by HP Data Science Software Preload

It is unreal. It is perfect. It is quick. It doesn’t require your attention. And after it’s done everything works perfectly and you can start Data Sciencin’ instantly.

Image from Z by HP website

The Data Science Software Stack comes with:

  • The latest Python & R version
  • Preloaded environments like Anaconda, PyCharm, Visual Studio
  • GIT
  • Data Science packages like PyTorch, TensorFlow, XGBoost
  • RAPIDS: with an Anaconda environment where you can easily switch between base and rapids
  • Docker Container and Nvidia Drivers
  • etc.
Image from Z by HP Press Center

More References

For more information on the preload, you could follow one of the following links:

Happy Data Sciencin’!

Z by HP & NVIDIA Data Science Global Ambassador. On the highway to becoming a Data Science Master.

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